Well Jarvis is at it again: medium.com/whither-news/journa.

It’s incredibly frustrating to have such shitty social networks—mostly because defenses of them end up so utterly annoying, straw man-ish, and moralizing.

I’ll probably tweet something about it, much nicer, but this is extremely tiresome.

@jny: I see you read Jarvis's piece, too! It drives me up a wall that you get called a panicky determinist whenever you point out that tech influences behavior—as though there weren't a more nuanced philosophical stance!


@john I'm writing a thing now, prolly for Galley

@jny Ooo nice. lmk when you have a link up, I've got ~feelings~.

@jny It's baffling to me that you can think that "there are good people on Twitter" is a rejoinder to the claim the "Twitter incentivizes bad behavior!"

@john He hasn't got the imagination to understand that products can be different. Deep down, he thinks, I suspect, it's Twitter or death.

@jny 🔥🔥🔥 I mean, *I* wouldn’t be quite so harsh. But you’re not wrong!

I guess the tone down I would make is the aside abt the FB funding? But again, you’re not wrong

@jny also! I recognize me in there, and I’m v/flattered.

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